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Diamond Solitaire
Pendants Guide

Wearing a diamond as a pendant is probably the most striking and instantly noticeable way to display a stone, and can be even more striking than a ring. Although a solitaire or single diamond will be more expensive than the equivalent in carats made up in smaller diamonds, nothing can match the glamour of a dazzling diamond sitting elegantly on a beautiful neck.

The gift of a pendant is a superb way to celebrate any occasion or anniversary.

As with all diamond jewellery, there are many aspects to consider when choosing the best purchase. The most important as far as the stone are concerned are:

  • Carat - the size of the stone,
  • Clarity - the number and size of any flaws or blemishes, how 'clear' the stone is,
  • Colour - graded alphabetically from D (colourless) onwards,
  • Cut - the brilliance of the stone created by the way in which it reflects light.

All of these aspects are explained clearly in our Guidance Centre along with recommendations as to which aspects are most appropriate for your budget.

As with all jewellery, the setting is extremely important as this is the essential element of display for the stone. The chain may be of Platinum or Gold but should be high quality and complement rather than compete with the stone. Needless to say, a secure clasp is absolutely essential.

The length of the chain is also very important. Here attention must be paid not only to the height and build of the wearer, but also to preferred styles of dress and the occasions on which she would be most likely to wear the piece. Of course, both fashions and taste may change over the years but a classic diamond pendant will never go out of style and is a true investment piece.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of a pendant, and one which may be said to give it an advantage over a ring, is the possibility of using shapes not so frequently found on rings. The marquise shape is often used for pendants and one of the most popular is the pear shape. Both of these, along with all the other major shapes, are explained in our extensive Guidance Centre.

A diamond solitaire pendant makes a beautiful gift and is a piece of jewellery to treasure forever. Our engagement ring and Diamond Experts will be delighted to help you find the perfect diamond solitaire pendant, and they are available for live chat (online, on the phone or in person) 7 days a week. You can also email us on service@vashi.com.