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Buying the perfect
anniversary or
eternity ring

Yellow gold diamond anniversary rings, white gold anniversary rings, platinum anniversary rings… the options are wide and varied.  So where do you start when buying a diamond anniversary ring to celebrate a special wedding anniversary?  Vashi.com gives you a quick guide.

are a popular gift to mark special wedding anniversaries and other milestones for married couples.  Rings designed especially for this purpose come in a wide range of designs, from classic white gold anniversary rings to modern platinum diamond anniversary rings. The most often-seen design is known as an eternity ring, small stones run across the face or around the whole ring, symbolising a never-ending circle of commitment and love.

Eternity ring

Although a 60th wedding anniversary is known as a Diamond Wedding Anniversary, rings are not limited to celebrations marking six decades of marriage alone.  We have customers who mark five, ten or twenty years with a diamond anniversary ring. The birth of a child is often marked with a 'baby bauble' or 'push present'; a eternity style ring, sapphire  blue Sapphire or Emerald for a son and pink sapphire or ruby for a daughter.

A three-stone Trinity design diamond anniversary ring typically has one larger diamond set between two smaller diamonds.  Five-stone diamond anniversary rings, however, usually consist of five diamonds of a similar size and colour going around the whole ring to symbolise eternal love.  Diamond eternity rings and diamond anniversary rings are very similar in this respect.

As diamond anniversary rings are normally worn alongside the original wedding band and engagement ring, most couples opt for a ring that matches and complements existing wedding jewellery. The usual order in which these wedding sets are worn is with the wedding ring at the base of the finger, the engagement ring in the middle and the eternity or anniversary ring above, closest to the knuckle.

Whatever your preference, it is worth considering how many rings you or your partner plans to wear at any given time.  This will in part depend on whether you have active lifestyles or whether you want to consider sporting the anniversary ring on the other hand or another finger.

Some partners decide to replace their gold wedding ring or diamond engagement ring with a new diamond anniversary ring to preserve their original engagement ring or wedding ring as a family heirloom or because of damage or wear over time.  Another consideration may be that their taste or financial fortunes have changed and they simply want a bigger and better diamond anniversary ring.

The ring size need not be a consideration, however, as ring sizes can easily be adjusted.  We offer a free lifetime resizing service for all your diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and anniversary jewellery. 

Similarly, it is worth making the most of cleaning services for your diamond jewellery to keep your treasures in tip-top condition.  A specialist jeweller, such as Vashi.com, will also be able to check that the setting of your diamond jewellery is still secure.  A timely clean and check-up for your diamond rings can prevent loss of a stone on a much valued piece of jewellery.

Vashi.com has a wide range of gorgeous diamond anniversary rings and diamond eternity rings. If you cannot find the ring of your choice, our Diamond and Engagement Ring Experts are at hand to help you find it or create it with our bespoke service.

Vashi.com offers an engraving service to add a special message, name or wedding anniversary date to your jewellery. Our engagement ring and diamond experts will be delighted to provide you more information on our engraving services, and they are available for live chat (online, on the phone or in person) 7 days a week. You can also email us on service@vashi.com