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The world’s most talked about celebrity engagements and weddings also feature some of the world’s most admired, coveted and imitated engagement rings .

Celebrity engagement rings are fascinating not just because they belong to some of the world’s hottest stars, but because those stars usually have seemingly unlimited budgets and designers to hand to create amazing rings.

Hollywood actor Michael Douglas proposed to Welsh-born Oscar-winner Catherine Zeta-Jones with a 10 carat Marquise cut diamond engagement ring.  The couple later celebrated in style with a wedding party reported to have cost over $1 million.

Those who have it are more than happy to flaunt it when it comes to spending on engagement rings amd it doesn't stop at stars and starlets. US businessman Donald Trump presented girlfriend Melanie Knauss with a 12 carat Emerald cut engagement ring reported to have cost over $1 million.

Coloured diamonds

Celebrity engagement rings are fantastic inspiration, helping to create trends as much as they follow existing trends. 'Fancy' coloured diamonds are one of the biggest celebrity trends in engagement rings. In 2005 when British singer Seal popped the question to supermodel Heidi Klum, he did so with a stunning 10 carat canary yellow diamond engagement ring – a choice that reflected her personality but also was on the button when it came to hot jewellery styles, starting an trend which is still enduring. In December 2012, American singer Kelly Clarkson recieved a canary yellow engagement ring reported to be worth over $300,000 from fiance Brandon Blackstock. Country singer Carrie Underwood also recieved a yellow diamond upon her engagement to Ice Hockey player Mike Fisher in 2009.  

Coloured diamonds also feature on other celebrity engagement rings. Jennifer Lopez made headlines in 2003 when Ben Affleck proposed to her with a 6.1 carat radiant cut pink diamond ring reported to have cost more than $3 million. Pink diamond are also the stone of choice for Mariah Carey, who sports a 10 carat Emerald cut engagement ring from husband Nick Cannon and former tennis player Anna Kournikova who received a $6 million pink diamond from singer Enrique Iglesias.

Black diamond engagement rings have seen a huge rise since one featured prominently in the film Sex and The City 2, based on the hit HBO TV series Sex and the City. A 5 carat black diamond ring is presented to lead character Carrie Bradshaw because she is 'not like anyone else' to long-standing paramour Mr. Big as they celebrate an anniversary.

Remarkably few celebrities fall back on family heirlooms when it comes to their engagement rings.  Former ‘Saturday Night Live’ comedienne Molly Shannon is a rare example of a celebrity sporting a family heirloom: her partner proposed to her using his great-grandmother’s engagement ring. Although arguably the most famous engagement ring of all time is an heirloom and one of the most iconic piece sof jewellery of modern times. When Prince Willam proposed to Kate Middleton in Kenya in 2010, he did so with an 18 carat Sapphire and diamond engagement which once belonged to his mother, the late Diana, Princess of Wales. The ring was Princess Diana's engagement ring received from William's father Charles, Prince of Wales upon their engagement in 1981. The Queen's engagement ring was created using heirloom diamonds once belonging to Prince Philip's mother.

Vintage style engagement rings, by contrast, are all the rage in Hollywood.  Actor David Arquette slipped a vintage engagement ring with two diamonds that formed a figure eight on the finger of former ‘Friends’ star Courtney Cox.  Actress Rebecca Romijn-Stamos also opted for vintage Hollywood glamour with a 5 carat emerald cut diamond from a vintage collection. Gywneth Paltrow received a spectacular early 20th century style Asscher cut ring from husband Chris Martin. Angelina Jolie recieved a bespoke engagement ring designed by partner Brad Pitt using vintage-style Emerald cut diamonds. Today it's easy to create a bespoke ring using vintage-style elements with the very best of modern technology to craft a truly spectacular unique ring.

Large diamonds

It will come as no surprise that bigger is most definitely better when it comes to diamond celebrity engagement rings.  Elizabeth Taylor’s engagement ring from third husband Michael Todd was dominated by an Emerald cut diamond of nearly 30 carats. 

Paris Hilton briefly sported a $4.7 million 24 carat Emerald cut diamond engagement ring fromGreek shipping heir Paris Latsis, thought to have been, at the time, one of the world’s most expensive celebrity engagement rings.  She later auctioned off the ring to raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Katrina at less than half of its original price tag.

The stars seem increasingly to select engagement rings with multiple stones from the collections of the top jewellery stores.  Whitney Houston’s engagement ring featured a whopping 10 carat oval diamond with a trillion on either side. Bollywood actress and former Big Brother contestant Shilpa Shetty,  was given a flawless 20 carat diamond engagement ring by her husband, British financier Raj Kundra.

Upon their engagement, director Guy Ritchie presented Madonna with an Edwardian Trilogy engagement ring featuring three diamonds.

Like a growing amount of modern women, some stars get to choose their own engagement rings.  Pop princess Britney Spears, for example, selected her own 4 carat cushion cut round diamond engagement ring with a platinum band encrusted with pave diamonds. Recently in 2013, Kelly Osborne designed her own ring with her fiance Matthew Mosshart; the design was based on an earring belonging to her father.

Get your own celebrity engagement ring

Not every celebrity wears an engagement ring with a diamond as its focal stone.  When Javier Bardem proposed to Penelope Cruz, he presented her with a stunning antique 3 carat blue Sapphire ring surrounded by diamonds. 

Bollywood royalty Aishwariya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan had her diamond studded Sapphire engagement ring chosen for them by a close family friend.  Halle Berry's Emerald engagement ring was chosen for her by husband Olivier Martinez.

Celebrity engagement rings inspire many others with more modest budgets; it is certainly possible to select a ring that looks similar on a much smaller budget and we have all of the tips and advice you could need to help you get your hands on your dream ring, whether it is celebrity inspired or not.

If you or your partner are set on an engagement ring just like one sported by a well-known figure, give our engagement ring and diamond experts a call on 0800 530 0541 and they’ll be able to advise you on how to achieve your perfect design to your own budget. You can also email us on GuardianAngels@vashi.com