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Finding out what kind of engagement ring will knock off your partner's socks can seem like quite the challenge, especially if you want to keep your proposal a surprise. Choosing the dream ring for your partner can be accomplished with ease by following a simple formula. Go through each of the following elements with a little consideration and you will be sure to get it right.


Our engagement rings are crafted in the following selection of precious metals; 18k White Gold, 18k Yellow Gold, 18k Rose Gold, and Platinum. The carat of the metal is always stated clearly in our descriptions and all of our items are hallmarked in the UK, guaranteeing their quality.

It’s important to consider the following factors when choosing the metal for the ideal setting:

  • What style of jewellery does your partner wear? Think how an engagement ring will match with it, especially if you have a particular style in mind.
  • What colour and type of metal does your partner prefer? Does she wear white or yellow metals?



Our engagement rings are crafted in an array of precious gemstones including, Diamonds, Sapphires and Rubies. Does your partner have a preference for a particular stone? Is there a family tradition for wearing a certain gemstone? Take a look at the rings worn by her family and friends if possible and listen out for clues as to what her preferences may be. Is there perhaps a family heirloom piece she has her heart set on? These are all questions worth considering before you make your purchase.

  • Ask her family and close friends for tips, it is likely they will be familiar with her preferences.
  • Is she a diamond girl? Or is her favourite gemstone Sapphire? Her favourite colour red or her birthstone a Ruby?

 These are interesting considerations to help you make a meaningful choice for an engagement ring.


  • Ensure the ring will be practical if it is intended for everyday wear.
  • Is your intended a hairdresser, doctor, primary teacher, police officer? Does her work involve her using her hands? Is she a fitness fanatic or keen swimmer? If so, you may wish to further investigate choosing a style of ring she can wear whenever she wants or alternatively choosing a 'special occasion' style ring for when she is able to wear it.

If after following these tips you are still unsure and want to keep the proposal a secret, contact one of our engagement ring and diamond experts by phone at 0800 530 0541 or by email at service@vashi.com for further assistance in finding the ring of her dreams.