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Emerald Cut Diamond

The Emerald Cut Diamond is a rectangular step-cut with cropped corners. It is aesthetically similar to the Asscher cut save for its longer, more rectangular shape. Its inner planes of both light and dark give an elegant, understated sparkle quite unlike the round brilliant, yet boast equal amounts of appeal. Originally created as a cut for emerald gemstones, hence its name, the emerald cut is currently enjoying something of a modern day revival thanks to celebrity engagement rings favouring its classic vintage feel.

What is an Emerald Cut?

Initially conceived as a cut for coloured stones, the emerald cut was one of the first to be used in jewellery and can be commonly found in historical pieces featuring precious stones. Typically featuring anything between 50 and 58 facets, these stones have a wide table that is excellent for displaying shine and lustre. Designed to showcase the clarity and interior light and shade of the gem, the emerald cut is a fantastic choice for stones of higher colour and clarity grades, presenting these qualities in their best possible light.

Classic Beauty

The long lines of emerald diamonds give a unique sparkle that tends towards “flashes” of light rather than the ever-present sparkle more modern, round shapes may display. Undeniably beautiful, these rectangular diamonds are also wonderfully flattering to the fingers, making them appear longer and slimmer. The straight cut edges also make the emerald Cut an ideal choice for rings which will feature additional side stones.

Details Matter

Due to the somewhat unforgiving nature of the emerald cut, where the internal as well as the external quality of the stone is on display, customers should be incredibly vigilant about their diamond quality when purchasing this cut. As the sparkle of this diamond is very much dependent on the inner planes of the stone, any yellow hues are easily picked up and will be displayed with more prominence than in brilliant cuts. Similarly, inclusions should be kept to a minimum as the larger planes of the cut will not be as sufficient in disguising any internal details.

Selecting Your Diamond

The size and shape of an emerald cut can be subject to slight variations. A length to width ratio of around 1.50 is considered the most ideal, but anything between 1.2 and 1.8 is also suitable.

Vashi recommends diamonds with a minimum colour of H, clarity of VS2, and very good cut.

More modest budgets can still achieve a pleasing emerald cut with stones featuring a minimum colour of I, clarity of SI1, and very good cut.