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Ring Size

The aesthetics of design and appearance may be the most important aspect of selecting a dream ring, but sizing is of equal or greater importance when it comes to ensuring you don’t experience the nightmare of your perfect wedding ring being lost forever.

How to Measure Your Ring Size

Many factors affect the size of your fingers throughout the day, or even the month. As a general rule, measurements should be taken in the evening, this is when your fingers will be at their thickest after a long day of use, this enlargement-by-use is also why your dominant hand will require a more generous ring size. Temperature and humidity can both effect ring measurements, as can the wearer’s physical state, such as water-retention, pregnancy, menstruation or recent exercise.

Do It Yourself

You can achieve a good idea of your ideal ring size at home, the easiest way to do so is to measure a ring you already own and can wear comfortably. Wrapping a strip of paper around your finger and comparing it to a ring sizer is a good alternative if you do not have a favourite ring to spare. It is advisable to measure both your knuckle and your finger and aim for a size between the two. If you are between sizes, it is recommended that you go a size up rather than down, as a too-small ring is far more likely to cause discomfort.

Professional Sizing

While tying a piece of string around your knuckle is the traditional, though not always completely precise, method of measurement, a professional jeweller will know how to measure your ring size accurately. Buyers should also be aware that different countries mark the various measurement thresholds in different ways, most notably Britain, America, Russia, and Japan. A ring size conversion chart can quickly and easily identify this within local sizing conventions, as the numerical measurements themselves remain the same internationally.

Style Vs. Comfort

The style of ring you choose can also play a part in determining your perfect size. Particularly wide bands, for example, should be worn in a larger size than thinner bands. When selecting rings with side stones or embedded stones along its length, it is likely that modifications to the initial size, as commonly performed on wedding rings, will not be possible.


All is not lost if your dream ring is not the dream fit, ring resizing is easily achieved and leaves you with a perfectly tailored piece of jewellery.

Vashi is happy to provide customers with a free ring sizer, please contact service@vashi.com with your request.