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How to choose a ring she’ll love?

Is there any way you could buy an engagement ring without your girlfriend finding out about it? vashi.com gives you advice on how to buy the ring of her dreams in secret.

There is nothing more exciting than preparing to ask your girlfriend to marry you. Planning to pop the question without spoiling the surprise can be a bit of a nightmare though, particularly if you already share a house or spend a lot of time together.  Choosing a ring she’ll love without her knowing might be your method of choice when it comes to proposing, but it can be tricky.

With careful manoeuvring it is a possible to buy the engagement ring of her dreams, and get everything just right for that perfect moment when you go down on bended knee. 

What does she like?

The first step in choosing a ring she’ll love is to look at what jewellery she already wears and what rings she looks at when you’re out together.  Does she like modern, fashionable jewellery or earrings and necklaces?


The cut of a diamond determines its brilliance. A good cut gives a diamond its brilliance, which is that brightness that seems to come from the very heart of a diamond. This light is the brilliance we mentioned, and it's this flashing, fiery effect that makes diamonds so mesmerizing.

In a poorly cut diamond the light leaks out through the sides and gets dispersed, making it look dull and uninspiring. A well-cut diamond, on the other hand, can have a brilliant sparkle even in diamonds of a less than perfect grade of clarity and colour. Therefore, look out for diamonds with an Ideal or Very Good cut.

Get some help

A lot of men find it daunting to select a ring that their partner will love. If you don’t trust the discretion of your partner’s friends or colleagues, perhaps your mother, her mother, your sister or one of your own trusted female friends or colleagues would be happy to swear utter confidentiality and help you identify a ring your girlfriend will love. 

It might be an idea not to go out browsing for rings together though, as you don’t have to be paranoid to dread what might happen if someone spots you out visiting jewellery stores together and tells your girlfriend. Of course, you’re perfectly safe hunting for suitable diamond engagement rings online together, as long as you delete your browser history afterwards if you’re using your own laptop or PC at home.  Don’t forget that some browsers, such as Firefox, will open up the pages you last looked at the next time someone goes on the Internet though. It would be very embarrassing if your girlfriend wanted to check her emails later in the day and was presented with lots of engagement ring websites.

Get the right size

Choosing the correct ring size for your partner is always a challenge. If you are able to measure one of her existing rings or bring it along to the jewellery store, the jeweller will be able to provide you with the most precise size.  If not, ask your partner's mother, sister or one of her friends if they know her finger size. They may be able to find out by casually swapping rings with her.

What if it’s not the correct size?  For your peace of mind, Vashi.com provides free lifetime resizing*. You can return your item to us at any time for professional resizing. We appreciate that no one likes to be without their ring, so we promise to return this to you with a next day delivery service.


We don’t have to tell you that you’ll have to be very careful to hide your purchase away from preying eyes. That includes any items you order online that may require a signature on delivery or may arrive in packaging that could give the game away. 

Engagement rings bought from Vashi.com will be packed securely by our professional team in an elegant gift box. Your jewellery box will then be packed into a protective outer box and place into a much larger white cardboard box. There are no markings on the outside of the box to identify the contents and the company name appears as DM Ltd for your discretion.

If you prefer, we can ship your order to an address other than your billing address. As a security precaution, we require that your alternate shipping address be on file with your credit card company. This step helps protect you from fraudulent charges to your credit card.

What if she doesn't like it?

Last but not least, if it turns out that she really doesn’t like the engagement ring you bought her, simply return it to us within 30 days from receipt and we will gladly refund your money including delivery costs or exchange your diamond engagement ring for one that she can help you choose.