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How to create your own diamond wedding ring

Couples today are more free than ever to get creative with their wedding rings and bridal jewellery, either with or without reference to the past.

When designing your own wedding rings there are a few points to bear in mind:

Firstly, the majority of marriages now involve two rings. This means it is a more collaborative affair than the engagement ring, so you will want to discuss styles and budget together to compromise on styles you are both happy to buy and wear.

Secondly, the choice of metal is even more important than in the case of an engagement ring. Men's wedding rings are unlikely to have large stones like the ones commonly found in engagement rings, so the metal will play a more dominant role. Women increasingly choose a diamond set wedding band. Colour and price are the chief determinants here with white metal; Platinum and White Gold currently more popular than Yellow, though Yellow gold is making a huge comeback to the market.

If you go for white metal, Platinum is the hardest and longest lasting but also the most expensive to buy. White Gold will give the same effect for half the price but may need periodic recoating with rhodium to keep it bright and lustrous. If you really can’t decide, or just prefer the look of it you can go for a ring made of a combination of metals.

If you are looking to choose a diamond wedding ring, you probably don’t want it to compete directly with your engagement ring. Most couples who choose diamond wedding rings opt for inlaid rather than mounted ones. These will be small stones whose size will be partly governed by the width of your rings, which will in turn be governed by your personal taste and the size of your fingers.

Inlaid stones will also be less vulnerable to damage and the whole structure more robust, important in a ring that you may never take off. The cut, shape and number of stones is a matter of personal choice. The range is extremely large and you would be well advised to look at as many examples as possible before you decide. 

Finally, you are designing rings that commemorate your wedding and celebrate your love. You may wish to engrave the rings with an inscription marking the event. Later, if you wish, additional stones can be inlaid to celebrate significant anniversaries or the birth of children. When designing your ring you might like to keep this in mind.

If you do go down the route of designing your own wedding rings help is always available from our specialist diamond and jewellery consultants on 0800 5300541 or by e-mail at service@vashi.com.