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Why buy a diamond


Buy Diamonds Online

When one considers purchasing a diamond, undoubtedly it is the vision of finding the perfect jewellers and trying on multiple rings to find “the one” which comes to mind. However, in modern times it is perfectly possible and, contrary to popular belief, perfectly safe to purchase your dream diamond online.

There are many benefits to be enjoyed when you buy diamonds online, first and foremost are the savings that can be made. Online retailers do not have the high overheads of stores renting out prime positions along the high street and therefore can often afford to stock a larger range of jewellery for you to consider. The high street can still play a role in helping you find your perfect cut, style or colour shade, allowing you to view these variants first hand before making the final purchase from an often significantly cheaper online retailer.

Diamonds Online – What You Need to Know

It is understandable that you may be hesitant to make a purchase of such sentimental and monetary value as a diamond with an internet retailer, and while many excellent webstores do exist, caution should always be practised when you buy jewellery online. Following the recommendation of friends or family is the best way of gaining peace of mind, but the following guidelines will also help ensure you are dealing with a reputable retailer.

Seller Background Checks

Make sure that there are trustworthy reviews about the site, and that all purchases are made through secure services. A returns policy should be in place, as well as a suitably secure shipping method, which should be insured. Diamond suppliers may also be affiliates or members of charitable or legal bodies that prevent unethical diamonds from being sold.

Any trustworthy site will provide contact and location details - do not be afraid to call their customer services team for further proof and assurance of their legitimacy, for any respectable retailer, this will be a perfectly normal part of the buying process.


Comparing diamonds of similar quality against other online retailers can also help determine if you are buying from a legitimate source. Over-priced or, as is more likely, significantly under-priced stones are likely coming from an untrustworthy seller.


Provided there is a returns policy in place, which all trustworthy retailers will have, it is highly advised that you take your diamond for an independent valuation upon receipt. This will help confirm the quality of your gemstone and determine if your agreed price was suitable.