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Marquise Cut Diamond

The Marquise Cut is a brilliant diamond cut often compared in shape to the hull of a small boat, leading to it sometimes also being known as a “Navette” (little boat) shape. Featuring an elongated body with pointed tips, the marquise cut has the added benefit of looking larger than stones of different cuts despite a similar carat weight.

What is a Marquise Cut Diamond?

The unique shape of the marquise cut has an equally remarkable story. First created in the 18th century, the stone was specifically cut for King Louis XV who commissioned a diamond that represented the shape of his mistress’s lips. The cut’s name comes from equally regal beginnings, having often been worn by courtiers. Featuring 58 facets, marquise diamonds give a flattering shape and sparkle that speak of its royal origins. This association with sophistication and declarations of love have likely helped this eye-catching cut achieve its modern day popularity, with many celebrity engagement rings sporting this historical shape.

Marquise Sparkle

The sparkle of a marquise may not be able to match modern day Round Brilliant cuts, but it does give a uniquely sophisticated lustre that certainly rivals them for eye-catching beauty and charm. The long shape of the cut also makes this an incredibly flattering shape, making fingers appear longer. When buying a marquise diamond, customers are advised to look out for the “bowtie effect” which occurs near the sharp cut points. This causes dark areas to appear around the tips of the diamond, eliminating some of the sparkle – Vashi’s experienced cutters ensure your marquise diamond sparkles at its best.

Perfect Points

The particularly unique style of the marquise cut demands a particular type of stone to best accomplish its sophisticated aesthetic. Clarity and colour play an important role in creating the best marquise cut, as the shape highlights these features of a diamond, making yellow hues or inclusions more noticeable.

The most important aspect of a marquise diamond is the quality of its characteristic sharp points. This can make this diamond cut more susceptible to chipping, and due consideration to lifestyle and activity should be made when you choose your dream ring.

Selecting Your Diamond

Vashi recommends a stone with a minimum colour of H, clarity of SI1 and very good cut for a marquise diamond that displays all the unique charms of this eye-catching cut.