Our Story

Fine jewellery. Designed by you, made with us.

I truly believe that something you make yourself has a much stronger sentimental power, I get so excited seeing what each of our customers dreams up.

Vashi Dominguez

VASHI is an ethical, fine-jewellery service that puts you at the heart of the design and making process. We believe that something you’ve had a hand in making yourself is more powerful than something you simply buy.

With a workshop in every store, we are uniquely positioned to co-create original jewellery with you to your particular specifications and budget. You can pull up a work-stool and take part in the making process – we’ll even document it, if you want – or let our expert craftsmen take care of turning around a specially created piece for you to pick up in no time at all.

There are no doormen and our staff are not on commission. We’re here to demystify the diamond and fine jewellery buying process. Vashi Dominguez opened the first VASHI store in 2016. Having worked in the diamond industry for 20 years, he had a vision for an alternative to the glass-cabinet intimidation of the traditional diamond shopping experience.

We also remove the extra cost added on in fine-jewellery supply chains to ensure a fair price on quality, ethical pieces. So whether you’re looking to be inspired or know exactly what you want, book a complimentary in-store session, or start getting creative online with our make-your-own tool.