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Oval Cut Diamonds

The Oval cut is a modified alternative of the Round Brilliant, offering similar levels of sparkle and fire while also being wonderfully flattering on smaller hands or shorter fingers. Created in the 1950s, the oval cut is a relatively modern diamond shape and achieves a fantastic level of sparkle that has helped this style garner great popularity.

What is an Oval Cut Diamond?

Lazare Kaplan is often credited with the creation of the modern oval cut in 1957, an accomplishment that earned him a place in the Jewellers International Hall of Fame. Highly popular from its conception, the oval cut combines the brilliance of the round cut with a shape that flatters the fingers and truly catches the eye.

Featuring 56 facets, the lustre and fire achieved by this shape makes it a common choice for diamond engagement rings. Oval diamonds also have the added benefit of appearing larger than other cuts of similar carat weight, and as a cut that requires less labour, are often the more affordable choice. This more modest price tag should not weigh negatively on your opinion of the cut, however, as royal jewels such as Princess Diana’s engagement ring have also favoured this flattering diamond shape.

The Perfect Sparkle

Second only to the round brilliant, the brilliance and fire created by the oval cut is a key aspect of this stone’s charm. As with all diamond shapes that feature an elongated shape, ovals cut with ratios of 1.5 or greater may suffer from the “bowtie” effect if cut poorly, causing darkened patches to appear in the stone. Vashi’s highly experienced artisans ensure that your diamond will be cut with the greatest precision and skill to give optimum sparkle.

Perfect Proportions

Oval cut diamonds can sport a range of proportions dependent on preference and diamond quality. A ratio of 1.5 is considered ideal, though this does mark the minimum threshold at which the “bowtie” effect may occur. Ratios between 1.35 to 1.65 can also create pleasing oval cut diamonds and allows the shape to be a balance of length and width that places it perfectly between the Marquise and Round Brilliant.

Selecting Your Diamond

Vashi recommends stones with a minimum colour of G, clarity of VS2 and very good cut for the optimum oval cut.

A minimum colour of H, clarity of SI1, and very good cut can also achieve pleasing results on more modest budgets.