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Pear Cut Diamond

The Pear cut is a tear-shaped cut which combines the rounded bottom of a Round Brilliant with the tapered point of a Marquise. Offering high levels of brilliance with a unique shape, pear cut diamonds are an always eye-catching choice for any diamond engagement ring. Typically worn with the tapered end of the teardrop pointing towards the palm, this diamond shape is particularly flattering, creating the illusion of longer fingers.

What is a Pear Cut Diamond?

First conceived in the 1400s, the pear cut was designed by jeweller Lodewyk van Bercken whose creations also included the diamond scaife, a polishing wheel that allowed for new levels of precision in diamond shaping. This relatively new shape therefore demonstrates a high level of skill and artistry by the cutter, giving a sense of sophistication and style that is as breath-taking today as it was at its first reveal.

When making the difficult decision of picking your dream ring, a pear shaped diamond is a fantastic choice for brides with a unique sense of style and appreciation of truly eye-catching sparkle. Renowned as one of the most interesting of the fancy cuts, pear diamonds are a popular choice for a wide range of jewellery such as necklaces, able to flatter the wearer in any form.

Sparkle and Shine

Offering a sparkle similar to Round Brilliant stones with a shape that provides a sense of intrigue, a perfectly crafted pear cut that strikes this unique balance can be difficult to find. The “bowtie” effect, causing dark planes to appear in the stone and lessening sparkle, can also be caused by poorly cut angles.

Vashi’s experienced cutters polish and shape our pear cut diamonds to give optimum sparkle, precise shape and a wonderful feel of true sophistication.

Shapes and Sizes

The range of ratios able to be used in pear cut diamonds means some may appear squat while others favour a longer profile. The ideal ratio for the perfect formed pear cut is 1.60, though anywhere in the range of 1.50 to 1.70 can also give good results. Ratios higher or lower than this may detract from the stone’s brilliance and be challenging to set in a secure, aesthetically pleasing manner.

Symmetry, as with the marquise cut, is highly important for pear cut diamonds, giving the best shape to the stone.

Selecting Your Stone

Vashi recommends stones with a minimum colour of H, clarity of SI1 and very good cut for excellent results with pear cuts.

A minimum colour of I, clarity of SI1, and very good cut can create very pleasing pear cut diamonds on more modest budgets.