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Round Cut 0.50 Carat D/SI1 Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring

Giving an engagement ring is the first step in making a joyous and significant statement and will probably be one of the most significant purchases of your life, we understand this. We also understand that getting fabulous value for your money will allow you to present your beloved with a ring you perhaps didn't think you could afford. Here are our top tips to enable you to get a heart-stopping luxury engagement ring at an unbeatable price you can afford.

1. Avoid jewellery stores.

Jewellery stores, even the large chains, have huge overheads. Running stores is expensive and luxurious jewellery stores are often seen in the most expensive parts of town. Online jewellers simply don't have these costs and can freely pass their savings on to the customer, often throwing in for free other fantastic added value services such as gift wrapping and delivery. They're also a huge help if you are looking to make your purchase in secret, order online and have your ring delivered to an alternative, trusted address such as your work, or your parents' house for safekeeping.

2. Look for upgrade policies.

You may not be able to afford the biggest ring right now, but as your circumstances change throughout your life together you may wish to consider purchasing an upgrade for an anniversary, or on the birth of your first child. Upgrading the ring when you can afford it is the ideal way to express your continuing commitment and love.

3. Set your budget.

It’s easy to get carried away when emotions are running high but we would always advise you to spend only what you can comfortably afford - look for responsible finance options, this may allow you to choose a bigger, better ring, easily paid for in instalments without losing sight of your budget altogether.

4. What about the wedding ring?

Traditionally the engagement ring is followed later by a wedding band . There is a modern trend to combine the two as a matching set, or purchase the bridal set in one go. Some styles of engagement ring require that the wedding ring is carefully chosen to fit with it, so try to find a jeweller you can trust who will be able to advise you accordingly. This will help you to find your wedding rings with ease.

5. Does it have to be new?

Nope, antique and second hand rings are available from a variety of specialist sources and can be very elegant and incredibly special. Heirloom rings inherited or gifted from a relative are also a very special way to incorporate a vintage loved piece into a special occasion. If you do have antique or family pieces or gems in mind, get in touch and let us craft your dream bespoke engagement ring.